Plan with Me: The Week of Love!

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I wrote a post last month detailing my new year’s resolutions (here), one of which was getting organized.  My goal was to get my personal life, work life and everything else all on the same page… literally! I was determined to begin “planning”, and what better way to help me stay organized and dedicated, than letting my crafty and creative side come out when scheduling my week.

Since beginning my organization journey, I’ve switched planners, I’m now a Happy Planner believer, become obsessed with stickers and spent hours watching “plan with me” video’s on YouTube.  So here it is.. time to say it.  I, Kelli, am officially obsessed with designing my planner.

When it came to this week’s theme inspiration, I was having a serious inner struggle trying to decide if I wanted my design to reflect Mardi Gras or Valentine’s Day. Someone please tell me why two holidays have to fall within the same week! In the end, the day of LOVE won out! BUT.. only because I had been working on creating and printing my own Mardi Gras stickers (details coming soon) and I just wasn’t quite done!

Like most of you, I don’t have a large amount of expendable income to blow on expensive planner stickers, stamps and inserts.  I buy most of my items from the dollar tree or the clearance rack at Michaels and put a little imagination into it. Before you know it, I’m able to turn a once blank space into something that makes me excited about my week. And my Valentine’s Day spread was no different!


I started by trimming and pasting some pink and red scrapbook paper to the weekend boxes and several of the week day boxes. Next, I added some pink lace washi that I purchased from Amazon.  The shipping took a month but it finally made its way stateside from China just in time for this love themed week. And seriously, I think it made a huge impact on the look and feel of this design.  Once I had the basics, I then got to decorate! I added the pink label to the bottom boxes, the pink mirror design stickers, the adorable Valentine’s inspired words stickers from the Dollar Tree and finally some fun gift tags I scored from the dollar spot at Target!

Are you a planner-ahohlic? Do you want to see more planner design posts? Let me know in the comments!



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