Bauble Love at Cato’s

If you’ve read my past post, you know last weekend I went to see Mary Poppins at the Arkansas Repertory Theater! (More on that in a later post.) I’m also glad to report that despite the nasty rain and cold weather, the mauve dress made an appearance.

While doing a little shopping for a back-up outfit though, I fell helplessly in love with a few accessories from my local Cato’s. Seriously ladies, I couldn’t imagine myself leaving the store without them. Not only were they beautiful, but the price unbeatable.

I’ve been a long time buyer of statement necklaces from Cato’s. In fact, I have a bulletin board in my bedroom with push pins holding up about 15 of them. The majority from … you guessed it .. Cato’s. However, I’ve never really bought any of their bracelets. That is until I saw this one hanging on the clearance bracelet2

Not long ago I found a similar gold hammered stretch bracelet on the Macy’s website. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this look an awful lot like the Cato’s version?


You want to know what this frugal gal loved about it even more? The $20 price difference. That’s right. The Cato’s version was originally $5.99 but I scooped her up for $3.99. Score!

I also managed to take home both of these fun rings for only $5.99 each. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve worn all three pieces more than once this week! Clearly a $15 investment that has done me well!

finalring   final triangle

For those of you who have never heard of Cato’s or don’t have a local store, be sure to check out their new website. It won’t disappoint. Seriously.. take a look at this Bib Necklace that I’m currently crushing on and I dare you not to fall in love.


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