Stack the Deck ..

A few weeks ago my friend JP and I had a crazy idea. Let’s throw a poker party for a small group of our friends. The problem .. neither one of us knew anything about the game.

IMG_6908You’re probably thinking to your self .. “Kelli, you’ve never played poker and you want to host a poker night?” I get it. It’s not the norm but after a bit of thought we decided this would be a “learn to play poker” type of shindig. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to rely on watching Youtube video’s or the inevitable wikiHow because two of our friends were pretty skilled players. (Major props to Chris and Josh for having such patience with us ladies!)

While the party purpose was learning the game, we didn’t pass up the chance to eat some good food and catch up on each others lives. Babies growing up, wedding planning, birthday presents and jobs were at the center of our dinner conversations. And seriously, what’s a party without desert? Check out these fabulous casino themed cupcakes made by my lovely friend Rachel. Aren’t they awesome. Looking at these, you would have no idea this isn’t her day job. Girl has talent!

Cupcakes by @rachmichelle on Instagram

After Saturday night I could officially say that I now know how to play poker. But what I can’t say is that I’m a card shark. I started with $2,800 in chips and ended with $182.  I clearly have a ways to go but watch out friends.. I’m coming for ya next time!


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