Beauty on a Budget

A few weeks ago, while strolling past the makeup aisle at Wal-Mart, I discovered that they were now selling elf! *Gasp* I couldn’t believe my eyes!

For those of you who don’t get my excitement. Let me explain. Eyes Lips Face is a cruelty free AFFORDABLE brand that will make you fall in love with makeup all over again. Think of it like this .. an 8 year old girl is trapped in your adult body experimenting with eye shadows and lipsticks all over again. (Throw in a pizza and an episode of Boy Meets World and you had my typical Friday night circa 1997!)

1I won’t lie. I’m a makeup hoarder. The more the merrier. I’ll try anything and everything as long as it fits into my bargain shopper’s budget. So, with most of their products ranging from $1-$3, this girl can go a little crazy. And judging by the somewhat picked over display, many of you agree with me!

While I was there, I couldn’t pass up the chance to stock up on my staples. I’m always keeping backups of the baked eye shadow, the Mist & Set and the studio Eyebrow Kit. All three of which are part of my daily makeup routine. And the brushes .. I could never forget about their brushes!

Being the frugal gal that I am, I’ve never been one to spend a fortune on brushes. So, when I discovered the $3 Studio line, I knew I had nothing to loose. The first morning I used them, I was sold. They might have been cheap but they certainly didn’t look or feel cheap. From that point on.. it was over. I was an elf advocate for life.

If you haven’t tried this amazing brand, you don’t know what your missing! Take a stroll through the makeup aisle at your local Target, Kmart or Walmart and pick up a few pieces. Or better yet .. head on over to and go to crazy town scooping up amazing buys on mascaras, foundations, lipsticks and so much more!


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